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I came here to date the starfish, and i left dating the starfish. I love this game SO MUCH

This was absolutely amazing. You are a gift for doing this. It was so bizarre you'd think that Film Cow created it themselves. ♥

Wait, what? *double-checks* Okay, no, it's all good. Cat night is Film Cow, this WAS in fact created by the same author. I thought I might've been wrong for years, but no, I can rest easy knowing that Charlie the Unicorn Dating Simulator is canon.

Fun and funny love talking to all the characters!

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I've now dated everyone in this game, my life is complete. Thank you filmcow

I spend 20$ on the linked Kikstarter project - take something from there.


I love you Jason

do more twitch hearthstone <3

This game was slightly worse than Kendall and Kylie's game, but slightly better than Kim Kardashian's game. 9/10, would play again.

I think Starfish give me Chlamydia

This is one of the best games on the market right now, and all for a low price of $0.00

It doesn't even have ads! I am forever greatful for this work of art that it's best if the creator is funded for his campaign. If only I had the money to do it.