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You've died. You're dead. But do not despair, Devin is here - with his excellent business sense, winning smile, and beautiful Celestial Necropolis. All is well. Trust Devin. He is your only friend.

A quick visual novel. No branching paths, no multiple endings, just Devin.

IMPORTANT: Works best when installed directly from the itch.io desktop app! If you download and run manually you will need to bypass gatekeeping on Mac OS and Windows 10:

  • Mac OS: After trying to launch, go to System Settings: Security and Privacy, and then click "Open Anyway."
  • Windows 10: After trying to launch, when the "Windows Protected Your PC" screen pops up click "More info" and then "Run anyway."


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Hilarious as expected

Hubba hubba. So romantic!

Just as prophecy foretold... Devin has returned!


A little tip for peole who've stumbled upon this without context; This visual novel is directly connected with  filmcow's "month of" videos.  so i'd be best to be familiar with those before playing this.

Length: 10-15 min


Devin be praised.

Also is there any way for me to hand my soul over to Devin, its true owner, in exchange for this bomb ass menu music?

Praise Devin.


Wow. I did not trust you when you claimed that there were no multiple endings, but I soon came to realize that it truly was only Devin. This was a thrilling tale and I send my best wishes to Devin and his recomposed body.