The cat monarch has taken a seven week sabbatical and left you in control of the kingdom! As monarch it is up to you to decide whether to grow the monarchy's massive wealth horde or to use that wealth to increase the happiness of your subjects. There are many important and dramatic decisions to be made!

(Note: the in-browser version above works in Chrome, Firefox, and possibly the "El Capitan" version of Safari, but does not seem to function properly using Internet Explorer or other browsers.)

Created by Jason and Scuffy for the Ludum Dare 34 game jam.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(80 total ratings)
AuthorCat Night
Made withGameMaker
Tagscat, Cats, humor, Ludum Dare 34, monarchy, story
Average sessionA few minutes


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Can't get past the control instructions... also, it's only a representative feline monarchy. The real power lies with the cat prime minister.

So good!

Played three times. Once changed nothing, once did only one good thing, once did one sh*t thing

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I really loved the character design in this, each of the cats had such a unique style to them, It is brought down a little by the repeated character lines though, other then that, a great way to pass time on a rainy day

Really funny. Great game!

Made me smile the whole playthrough, I love Cat Night's humor

Tolerably romantic.

this game is communist 10/10

SWEET great game

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Awesome game! 10/10

Great graphics!

Shame about the repetition and some out of character writing. Reminds me very much of Sort The Court.


Wow I haven't had this much fun playing a game in a long time! Thank you so much!
Here's my video I hope you guys enjoy eheheh!

Haha this game was actually pretty great! xD

Stay rad everybody!!

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This game was adorable and hilarious! I actually played this game the same day I was in a minor car accident and the game really helped lift my spirits and cheer me up! I recorded a let's play of the game if anyone is interested! If you enjoy this let's play then subscribe to my channel! I post videos daily and I love playing the games here on!

Edit: I figured out how to add the video. (forums aren't always useless)

Hi !
I tried using the paypal service, but it doesnt seem to work right now ... is that temporary (paypal related) ? :)




how can i play it on my cellphone?


You pray to RNGsus and then you will be granted a holy GameCube controller that you can plug into your phone using a micro USB.