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Really funny. Great game!

Made me smile the whole playthrough, I love Cat Night's humor

Tolerably romantic.

this game is communist 10/10

SWEET great game

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Awesome game! 10/10

Great graphics!

Shame about the repetition and some out of character writing. Reminds me very much of Sort The Court.


Wow I haven't had this much fun playing a game in a long time! Thank you so much!
Here's my video I hope you guys enjoy eheheh!

Haha this game was actually pretty great! xD

Stay rad everybody!!

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This game was adorable and hilarious! I actually played this game the same day I was in a minor car accident and the game really helped lift my spirits and cheer me up! I recorded a let's play of the game if anyone is interested! If you enjoy this let's play then subscribe to my channel! I post videos daily and I love playing the games here on!

Edit: I figured out how to add the video. (forums aren't always useless)

Hi !
I tried using the paypal service, but it doesnt seem to work right now ... is that temporary (paypal related) ? :)



how can i play it on my cellphone?


You pray to RNGsus and then you will be granted a holy GameCube controller that you can plug into your phone using a micro USB.