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Amazing game, good graphic nice story, disturbing and funny. Love the humor, romance, violence, and depressing factors that collide together. Very good game will play again and look at what happens to each shape

...that was an experience. Unexpected but interesting.

This was amazing, depressing and trippy all at the same time. Well done!! It was a shocking ending. Great music and pixel art! Keep it up!

This needs a part two, although I'm not sure how this game would be continued.


Wow, that was a great game.

/ Spoilers Ahead /

I didn't think I'd find myself saying this about a game with such a silly premise, but the Diamond part really got to me. Even though it's short, it was a nice portrayal of dealing with toxic parents.

The Square part was also really nice, couldn't bring myself to use any of the mean options.


Sad ending but wow what an incredible game. I related to the raccoon on a spiritual level and when I made my sister play the game she told me I was the human version of hte raccoon in-game. Whoops! 100/10  on this game, loved every minute of it.

:D I like the part when he flied. :D


Damn, that was sad.

This game is awesome! I love the concept of a raccoon who makes a living by summoning dead shapes .. and hates his job. Great dialogue and retro graphics. Here's the first part of my playthrough.

Man.  I love this game.

It was so damned interesting, holy shit. It ended too soon, give me more shape face ghosts plz


all the dialogue for every little thing raccoon did was amazing


I feel like there should have been multiple endings. All equally mean spirited, hehe. It was a fascinating visual novel-y thing, though. I felt bad for the poor raccoob.


A bit late to the party, but we made a Let's Play of this game because it was so wonderful! Great job on this game, we hope you plan on making more fun visual novels.

We're a new gaming channel on Youtube and appreciate any support! Thanks a bunch!

absolutely wonderful, despite it making me a tad upset there at the end


Love the summoning music

Really freaking weird, but fun nonetheless :)

Great game! i like it :)

Clever game. Great gameplay, sounds, dialogue. Depressing as hell, but hey at least there's always the beach. Well done

Very odd and unique game, I enjoyed it :P

But the ending was pretty bad lol

Very unusal job even for a racoon! The special effects when the racoon was summoning ghosts were very nice. Pretty pixels! I liked this fun game and it was great to see a racoon as main character of a story!


Great vibes!

Amazing fun escape from reality unlike life in this game you get loads of free will!


This is such a strange little game, but very well executed!

Each of the shapes has their own personality and manner of speech. The snippets of details we got about 'Shape people' society added a lot, I initially thought they were just 'placeholders' graphics, but a lot of thought went into the shape people and their lives!


This game is so strange in concept and SO well executed. I love it!

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Any chance for music download? I especially love the piece that plays after you summon a shape. I left the game running hoping it would loop but it does not :(

EDIT: Hmm...seems to be looping now (at least as long as I don't change the tab)...strange... Still... A download would rock my world :)

I agree 500%, a soundtrack download would be totally wonderful. There's only a few tracks but they're all awesome.


I dance every time the summoning music plays xDDD I also like how much interaction there is in the game, and the text can be funny at times. I quite enjoyed this...but the ending was, so abrupt and...lack luster...xDD But I enjoyed teh journery friend, I'll follow you in hopes to see more interesting content from yuh.

Hey! I played this and loved it, I also recording my first time playing and posted it to YouTube, not trying to promote my channel here or anything but this was a great game and to see my experience visit

Loved the game <3

Great work

ugh great game
hoped it could've been a tad bit longer tho :0)

This was a really neat idea! I thoroughly enjoyed playing it and going through all of the dialogue. You really captured the mundane nature of working at his job.

Absolutely lovely game. Played this with my friends for Indie Game Night, and they all loved it as well; just the right amount of humor, interest, and thought put into this game. Nice work!

OK, this game was solely created for that racoon face.

Also this dialogue isn't that bad. Keep it up.


Ooo, this was good! Just long enough to convey the mundanity of this job without actually getting to be boring. Really dug the ending. Cool message.

Loved the writing in this, had a great time playing!

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I was surprised by how deep the story went, despite the simplicity of the gameplay. The art style, too, is actually my favorite form of pixel art. The characters were all very unique, and the raccoon's depressing backstory fit perfectly with the ending. Also, the choices for what to say were very humorous. I want to see more of the raccoon and this world!

Great game, surprisingly emotional, loved the genderlessness of the racoon and shapes!

Please tell diamond that they are in my thoughts.

I loved this game, it was hilarious and had a fantastic story, even kind of touching at the end. Really fun and brilliantly made.


That was wonderful, but I have to agree with Aron - waiting for the textboxes to animate in was quite annoying.


Amazingly funny game, wonderful music, surprisingly diverse characters and even even some lore. I also really like how the music/sound mutes when you click out of the tap in the browser.

The only thing that I would like to have in the game is easier skipping of the text boxes as I am a fast reader and the animation is a bit lengthy for me.

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