The story of a raccoon whose job is to summon the ghosts of dead shape people. Talk with various shapes and summon their ghostly friends!

(Note: the in-browser version above works in Chrome, Firefox, and possibly the "El Capitan" version of Safari, but does not seem to function properly using Internet Explorer or other browsers.)

Writing / Programming / Music by Jason
Artwork by Scuffy

"04b03" pixel font by Yuji Oshimoto
"Look" pixel font by Eeve Somepx

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(333 total ratings)
AuthorCat Night
GenreVisual Novel
Made withGameMaker
TagsGhosts, Narrative, raccoon, shapes, summon


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It was a really fun game! I felt really bad for the raccoon at the end man, the poor baby

Hey, eu queria fazer um livro jogo desse jogo digital, você poderia me enviar um PDF ou material de texto com todas as escolhas e trilhas desse jogo? Assim como seus finais alternativos? 😄



This was beautiful, simply put. I loved the music, the style, the personalities of the characters. I can relate to the raccoon. It was such a fun video to make! Epic Game!


did not expect this game to make me emotional, but it was a good kind of emotional. I really enjoyed this :)

i loved this 

This is one of the sweetest games I have ever played <3 Thanks jason


bruh... the ending was messed up


if this happened to me I would be so MAD


that ending tho-
poor raccoon :((((

breathtaking and wtf 


the cresent is a jer

the end genuinely made me do a double take i had to take a minute to process that 😭 great game tho!! silly and relatable 




What is the music in the background when he is summoning the shape ghosts named?


perfection, but that ending tho


this game was amazing, thank you


that crescent was so rude lol. poor raccoon...

good game


this was literally so good and funny but also sad in a weird way. very creative tysm


That was awesome


Love the ending lol , i also want to see the whole life story of our racoon , really like his personality lol


i agree. Could you please make a sequel/prequel? Or something of the like. : )

The writing was amazing for this game and I love how creative it is!


this was so fun lol



I really, really enjoyed playing this game! The art was awesome and the gameplay was right up my alley. Thank you for much for sharing. :)

A wonderful experience. Thank you for making this game.

I liked the rhombus

I feel like if more games ended the way this game did, then the world would be a better place.


That ending was so anticlimactic and I loved every single second of it. 


that goddamn crescent- i wish i could have punched it in the gross face of an awful shape nobody likes 


I can relate to the Racoon somehow,  and the ending is ... I could say it's unexpected.  The racoon didn't deserve it :( 

After all, this is a really good game but I don't understand how this is so underrated :(

(I'm trying not to give spoilers in the comment lmao)


It was sad for sure, but on par with the rest of the game. And not so bad of an ending after all... the raccoon finally gets to let go of the past and move on with their life. And the very final line of narration seems to support this.

wow this game is so funny i loved it great game

Very strange since a shape killed another shape.. but i had a great time this is an amazing game.

Very strange! Depressing yet weirdly hilarious


I actually really enjoyed that, good job!


Funny game with not much complexity. Really enjoyed it.
Poor Racoon, damn :(



this was so random and funny!! def one of the best games i found on :)


this was really cute/funny to play through :). The square/rectangle one was so unexpectedly wholesome

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