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Absolutely lovely game. Played this with my friends for Indie Game Night, and they all loved it as well; just the right amount of humor, interest, and thought put into this game. Nice work!

OK, this game was solely created for that racoon face.

Also this dialogue isn't that bad. Keep it up.


Ooo, this was good! Just long enough to convey the mundanity of this job without actually getting to be boring. Really dug the ending. Cool message.

Loved the writing in this, had a great time playing!

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I was surprised by how deep the story went, despite the simplicity of the gameplay. The art style, too, is actually my favorite form of pixel art. The characters were all very unique, and the raccoon's depressing backstory fit perfectly with the ending. Also, the choices for what to say were very humorous. I want to see more of the raccoon and this world!

Great game, surprisingly emotional, loved the genderlessness of the racoon and shapes!

Please tell diamond that they are in my thoughts.

I loved this game, it was hilarious and had a fantastic story, even kind of touching at the end. Really fun and brilliantly made.


That was wonderful, but I have to agree with Aron - waiting for the textboxes to animate in was quite annoying.


Amazingly funny game, wonderful music, surprisingly diverse characters and even even some lore. I also really like how the music/sound mutes when you click out of the tap in the browser.

The only thing that I would like to have in the game is easier skipping of the text boxes as I am a fast reader and the animation is a bit lengthy for me.

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